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What’s going on everyone?!? My name is Ogi, and recently I have decided to start blogging about my passion-sports.  But before I do that, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I came to Canada at the age of six, from a war riddled country, that country being Serbia.  The first couple of years in a new country were much different than what I was used to, learning a new language was not as hard as I thought because I was young, and younger people intend to learn much faster than older people.

It was clear to me, that at a very young age the only thing that I really cared about were sports, school always seemed to play second fiddle and was not very important.  When I turned 8, my parents finally registered me to play in a soccer league.  I played for an Italian team for about 2 years, then I decided to join a South American team.  In my first year with my new team, El Nacional, we quickly became one of the best teams in our age group, and the results reflected that.  In my first 3 years with the club, we won 5 trophies (3 indoor, and 2 outdoor.)  When I turned 12, I stopped playing soccer for about 4 years, but I realized that life was not the same without a sport, so I got back into the swing of things.

Once I finished high school, I decided to take Tourism Management at Humber College which was a 2 year program.  Come September 2011, it looks more than likely that I will be taking Sport Management, at the aforementioned Humber College.

In my blogs, I will try to concentrate on two sports for the most part, soccer and basketball because I feel those are the two that I know the most about.  I will also try my best to see things from “both sides of the fence” and not be biased.  For the first couple of months, I will start off by writing a few blogs per week, and after I get into the swing of things and bring out some guest bloggers, you can expect upwards of 4-6 posts per week, mostly based on the main happenings in sports at that particular time.  After each blog, I will provide one of the following:  my top 3 games to watch for that week, the formations that teams may put out for a match, player ratings, or score predictions.  

Some of my favourite sports teams include: any sports team that is based in Toronto, Red Star Belgrade, Denver Nuggets, and Buffalo Bills.

As I mentioned at the beginning of my blog, I am very passionate about sports, and hopefully you can relate to what I blog about.  Comments are more than welcome!  

Thanks, Ogi.

Author: Ogi

Ogi is a graduate of Humber College’s Sport Management program. He is the founder of Blago Blogger Sports.

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