N.B.A. Trade Deadline Breakdown

The N.B.A. trade deadline saw some unexpected names switch addresses.  Some teams vying for a playoff spot became buyers, and some teams that have been out of the playoff race for a while, became sellers.  Let’s have a quick look at some of the trades that went down.

Houston traded guard Aaron Brooks to Phoenix for guard Goran Dragic and a future first-round draft pick.
Brooks obviously did not take kindly to coming off the bench for the Rockets, and understandably so.  In my opinion, he is a much better PG than Kyle Lowry, who is currently the starter for Houston.  Lowry took over Brooks’ starting job in early November, when Brooks suffered a sprained ankle.  Brooks had returned from injury towards the end of December, and had been coming off the bench since.  Goran Dragic, was in the same situation with the Phoenix Suns, as he was the back up PG to a guy named Steve Nash, who is still going strong at the age of 37.  Dragic’s minutes and points per game have gone down since last season, all be it not by too much.
In Conclusion:
This trade has not made either team significantly better, as they both acquired a point guards who will be a back up.  The trade makes a bit more sense from the Suns’ perspective because if Nash chooses to leave Phoenix via trade, they would have a point guard to step in and be the starter.
Winner: Phoenix Suns

Cleveland traded guard Mo Williams and forward Jamario Moon to the L.A. Clippers for guard Baron Davis and a 2011 first-round draft pick.
Just when you thought that the Clippers had something going with the combination of Davis-Griffin, they decided  to make a trade.  It is obvious that Davis is a bit overweight and that he is getting older, but his stats for the season are not too shabby (13 points a game, along with 7 assists.)  It is clear that the Clippers decided to go with a younger PG, Mo Williams, who is 28 years of age, compared to Davis, who is 31, I have never really been sold on Williams as a PG, but more of a combo guard, who likes to shoot, but does not mind sharing the rock either.
In Conclusion:
The Davis-Griffin combination did not last long, but at least we got to see some nice alley-oops from the two Clips players.  As I mentioned before, I have never been sold on Williams as a PG in this league, and I question the move that the L.A. General Manager made.  This trade did not make the Clippers any better than they were with Baron at the starting spot.
Winner: Cleveland (but only because of the draft pick they received)

Charlotte traded forward Gerald Wallace to Portland for center Joel Przybilla, forward Dante Cunningham, forward-center Sean Marks and a conditional 2011 and a conditional 2013 first-round draft pick. 
And so the final member of the original Bobcats has been traded! Gerald Wallace had been with the Charlotte franchise for 7 seasons and has put up some great numbers throughout those years.  In Wallace, the Blazers get a SF who can handle the ball, play defense, block shots, get a few steals, and come up with some highlight dunks, just what the Blazers have been looking for. With this trade, it is clear that Portland plans on staying in the top half of the Western Conference and make a deep playoff run for the first time in a long time.  On the other hand, the Bobcats receive a Centre (Przybilla) who can rebound and block/alter a few shots.  Cunningham is a Forward who can also rebound the ball, and can bring a lot of energy and hustle to the floor, Charlotte fans may like this kid.
In conclusion:
I think that this trade has been fair for both teams.  Portland finally gets a guy that is a good SF, something they had been lacking in the past.  Charlotte receives a Forward in Cunningham, who is still young, and has a lot to prove when it comes to being a player in the N.B.A.
Winner: Portland (short term), Charlotte (long term)

Boston traded center Kendrick Perkins and guard Nate Robinson to Oklahoma City for forward Jeff Green, center Nenad Krstic, a 2012 first-round draft pick and cash.
This was probably the most shocking trades of the day simply because we did not hear these names thrown around in trade talks leading up to the deadline.  Boston receives a good SF in Green who will come off the bench whenever Pierce needs a breather.  Green is a great defender who can play SF, or in some cases, PF.  Krstic is also a very solid pick up for the Celtics, he can also play some defense, just like Green, and for a Centre, he can hit that mid-range jumper with no problem.  Perkins is a guy that has always worn the Celtic colours in his pro career, which spans 7 years.  Perk is a big guy, who has great interior defense, and was one of the main reasons why Boston made it to the N.B.A. Finals just a year ago.  He will immediately help the young Thunder, who are trying to make it to the playoffs for a second straight year.  His experience in big games will be crucial to a young up and coming team.
In conclusion:
During a press conference, after the trade had been announced, both Garnett and Pierce seemed to be very sad to see their teammate go, even to the point where Pierce questioned if Danny Ainge had made the right decision in trading Perkins.  This speaks volumes on how much Perkins was loved by his teammates and the fans of Boston.
Winner: Celtics (only if they win the title)

N.B.A. where unexpected trades happen.

Author: Ogi

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