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Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista warms up at spring training in Dunedin, Fla., on Tuesday February 23, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

Toronto Blue Jays’ all-star outfielder Jose Bautista is demanding a five-year contract extension worth more than $30 million per year, two sources familiar with the matter told TSN.

Bautista turns 36 in October and a $150-million contract, were he able to secure it, would make him among baseball’s top-paid players.

On Monday, meeting with media on the first day of spring training, Bautista said the five-year, $65-million contract he signed with Toronto in 2011 has amounted to a “five-year hometown discount.” –TSN

When Jose Bautista came out a couple of days ago and said that he was not willing to give the Blue Jays a hometown discount, I was fine with that.  Jose deserves a raise more than anyone in the majors.  Reports have now surfaced that Jose is looking for a five year deal worth upwards of $150 million! Look, Bautista is great, fans love him and he wants to win, but $3o million a year for a guy who turns 36 years of age soon is a bit too much.


I applaud him for being here through the good (literally one season) and the bad (everything else), but that is a very steep price to pay.  If he was five, six years younger, I would give him that money no problem, but as you age, injuries become more of a reality and teams cannot just take chances throwing money at players like that.


It will be interesting to see how Ross Atkins and Mark Shapiro will react to Jose’s demand.  Personally, if I am in their shoes and I know that Jose will not re-sign with the club, I would seriously consider trading the slugger and at least getting some pieces back in return.  The crazy part about this entire situation is that there is probably a team out there that would give Jose Bautista all that money, perhaps Los Angeles, New York, Boston, or even Arizona.


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