Ten Predictions: Toronto Blue Jays Edition


Time for my 10 annual Jays Predictions:

1. Stroman & Sanchez develop into a potent 1-2 punch


2. Estrada battles injuries all year and never truly returns to his form from last season


3. Conner Greene finds his way into the rotation at some point


4. Goins becomes one of the top 2B in the game (if his bat becomes consistent)


5. Jose, EE, JD, Tulo, Russ all hit 25+ home runs


6. Saunders has a very solid year (.250 avg, 15 HR, 65+ RBI)


7. Colabello Regresses


8. We will be the most hated team in the MLB – Jays will get thrown at a lot. I think Jays should have an “enforcer” pitcher in their bullpen. Someone who throws gas then can knock you out (Jon Rauch). Crazy, but might be necessary with JD and Jose getting thrown at. Brian McGrattan offered his services last season.


9. One injury to Stro, Sanchez or Happ really puts a dent in our season


10. We win the AL East on the last week (all depends on health of rotation)



Enjoy this season. This will be the best team we may ever see in Toronto. We all know Rogers will not fork up the money necessary to regularly field this calibre of team. Enjoy this summer, enjoy this team, enjoy the ride. It may be the last team we see of this calibre in this city for a LOOOOONG Time


Daniel Listi

Twitter: @DanSalListi

Author: Daniel L

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