Calma, Calma, Ronaldo is here…again



Let’s tell the full story here.


In front of 95,000 booing fans, this is the man people love to hate. He is the one who has outperformed Messi in his own stadium on numerous occasions, and he just did it again, yet they still say he doesn’t come close.  It’s time he gets his dues.  On April 2nd, 2016 in the Madrid vs Barca Clasico, Cristiano further proved his influence.  Once again, he was the difference.


Ronaldo did not just score the first winning goal against Barca for 39 games straight, he did much more than that.  He was dangerous everywhere on the field.  He delivered a world class cross to Gareth Bale in the second half for a perfectly good goal that was waved off which should have been an assist from him to the Welshman.  He struck a thunderous shot from distance hitting the crossbar also in the second half just after the Bale disallowed goal.  He ran all the way back on defense from his forward position making tackles and drawing fouls to retain possession.  He was defending every corner using his speed, strength and jumping ability to win balls in the air.  Now while he wasn’t doing all of that during the Clasico, he scored the winning goal with a composed finish off of his chest with five minutes to go in regular time.  Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention he did this with 10 men, against the best team of our generation.  As sweet as it was to silence 95,000 booing Barca supporters, it must have been just as sweet for him to score on Dani Alves’ watch and giving him the best seat in the house.  While Dani was doing his talking in the press earlier this year badmouthing Ronaldo, Ronaldo was preparing and anxiously waiting for his moment to do the walking on the biggest stage in club football with millions watching.  Now that makes it 10 times in his last nine games where he has scored at the Camp Nou, Messi’s house.  Somehow there are licensed professionals who have said he has trouble in big games.  Cristiano showed the world once again, all the tools he has as a footballer at the Clasico, reminding people just how complete he really is.


Unfortunately, the sad truth is, if Messi had a game like this against Ronaldo, instead of Ronaldo, sports journalists would be chomping at the bit to write the most poetic and eloquent piece glorifying this alien from another planet while making sure everyone knows what a magician he is, making readers remember how superior he is to the Portuguese Madrid man. This shouldn’t be about Messi vs Ronaldo, but unfortunately it has to be.  All I have seen over the weekend are articles such as “Ronaldo scores the winner” or “Ronaldo extends his lead” etc. at a time when a really good editorial on him shouldn’t be so hard to find.  Let’s start telling his full story and his full narrative like it would be with Messi, so other fans besides Barca/Messi supporters can enjoy as well.


Zac Costa

Author: Zac Costa

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