DeMar DeRozan to Los Angeles Lakers rumour


DeRozan is coming off of a four-year, $38 million contract with the Raptors. He will be searching for a max contract this offseason and the Lakers are going to have plenty of money to spend. There is a player option for the last season of his contract that DeRozan will have to decline, but he is widely expected to do just that.

During the 2015-16 season with the Raptors, DeRozan once again put up All-Star caliber numbers. He averaged 23.5 points per game to go along with 4.5 rebounds and 4.0 assists per game. DeRozan shot 44.6 percent from the floor overall and knocked down 33.8 percent of his three-point attempts.

At 26-years-old, there is no question that the Lakers should aggressively pursue DeRozan immediately when free agency opens up-Forbes

I understand that DeRozan is a free agent this summer. I understand that he will be targeted by a handful of NBA teams for his services-I get that, too.  The only part about this whole dilemma that I do not like, is how this news started to gather steam a few hours before the Raptors were sett to play the Heat in a crucial game six. It is as if the people who put this stuff out want to see how the player plays under pressure. This type of stuff should be left for the summer, not for a game six of the Eastern Conference semi finals.  Who was the one that “started” the rumour? Stephen A. Smith, who else.


Depending on what you like to believe, apparently DeRozan has already made up his mind, as to where he would like to play next season (and for the next few seasons). I truly think it is LA. I have been saying it for a while now. What is there not to like? Big market, he will get his max money contract, whether he deserves it or not (personally, I think he played himself out of a max money contract here in Toronto in these playoffs), he will be playing at home and finally, he is playing for a team that is in a rebuild, which means more shots for him.  I say rebuild because I am assuming Lakers will not sign another big name free agent, even with guys like Kevin Durant, Hassan Whiteside and Al Horford out there. Maybe I am wrong, we will see.


Even if he leaves Toronto, no hard feelings for DeMar. He will still be one of my favourite Raptors of all-time.

Author: Ogi

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