Draymond can recite names of players taken ahead of him in draft


Draymond Green has a championship ring and an All-Star berth as one of the Golden State Warriors‘ key players. He also carries a huge chip on his shoulder, as he wasn’t taken until the 35th pick of the 2012 NBA draft.

Green is so driven by the draft snub that he can recite the names of each player taken before him from memory, according to a story in The Mercury News:

“First was Anthony Davis to New Orleans,” [Green] says. “Then Charlotte took Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Then Washington took Bradley Beal. Fourth was Cleveland: Dion Waiters.

“Eight was Toronto: Terrence Ross

“Sixteen was Houston: Royce White …

By the time he’s done, Green has reeled off the names of all 34 players selected ahead of him and the corresponding team.

Curiously, the Warriors passed on Green, twice, in that draft, picking Harrison Barnes at No. 7 and Festus Ezeli at No. 30 before Green went at No. 35. However, he told the Mercury News that he doesn’t hold that against the team, “Because what they did makes perfect sense.” –ESPN

This is definitely one of the coolest things I have read all week, maybe all year. You cannot tell me this guy is not playing with a chip on his shoulder. Putting in all that work to remember the names of 34 players taken ahead of him…mind boggling.


I am a fan of NCAA basketball, and no, I do not just watch it when March Madness rolls around. I was pleasantly stunned when Green was taken in the second round because I watched a ton of his games at Michigan State and was surprised how good of an all-around player he was. Now, we have seen all-around players come to the NBA from the NCAA and simply not develop, but I felt that Green deserved to be taken in the first round. Did I think he would be what he is today? Probably not. But Draymond had to prove himself in the NBA. He came off the bench and showed the Golden State staff that he is a player that can be counted on.

It’s obvious Green wouldn’t have fallen to the second round if the draft were held now. He’s one of just four players from the 2012 draft to be selected to an All-Star team (joining Davis, Damian Lillard and Andre Drummond). Last year, in a piece that redid the 2012 draft, Green would have gone fifth overall. And after this season, he could’ve gone even higher.

This is quite interesting. Where would Green be drafted if we were to redo the draft? Here’s my take on the top 5:

  1. Anthony Davis
  2. Damian Lillard
  3. Draymond Green
  4. Andre Drummond
  5. Khris Middleton? Jae Crowder? Other

Interesting to note that Warriors passed on Draymond Green…twice before taking him in the second round


Agree or disagree with my list? Leave a comment and let me know your top 5


Author: Ogi

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