How to fix the All-Star festivities

Saturday’s NBA festivities had its ups and downs just like every All-Star Weekend. The skills competition was fascinating to watch, especially the big men, who got the better of the guards. The three point contest was also captivating as it went to an overtime. The dunk contest was…well, the dunk contest-very disappointing with almost every contestant needing more than one attempt to land their respective dunk.


There is still some work that needs to be done to bring the All-Star Weekend back to where it belongs.



Below are some changes I would like to see happen in the next few years.


Skills Challenge

I have grown to like this event. The fact that big men are starting to participate makes it much more entertaining to watch and they have actually won the last two years, which shows that today’s big men can pass and shoot just as well as guards, in this competition, at least. The one thing I would change about this competition would be to make it longer than it currently is somehow, or to include more participants. Going back to the timed skills challenge could also be an option.


Three-Point Contest

Apart from adding a “moneyball rack” this competition has stayed the same throughout the years. Now, I am an old school guy, so the moneyball rack is not something I particularly like. A competitor could be on the ropes facing his last rack, but then makes all six corner threes and is right back in the competition. Do not really like that. So the only change I would make is to bring back the original three point contest with no moneyball rack.


Slam Dunk Contest

After last year’s dunk contest, we were brought back to reality in 2017. There were plenty of good ideas this year, just poor execution and understandably so. Derrick Jones Jr. has played a total of 24 minutes all season, Aaron Gordon was clearly injured and DeAndre Jordan just did not live up to the hype. Glenn Robinson III was the only contestant who was somewhat consistent. In the future, I would get rid of the props; it takes away from the creativity of the players. Adding big names back to the competition would also help immensely, but it seems that the best dunkers in the NBA do not want to take the risk of participating in the dunk contest and risking injury.


Also, whatever happened to the Shooting Stars Competition? I actually enjoyed that contest.


Author: Ogi

Ogi is a graduate of Humber College’s Sport Management program. He is the founder of Blago Blogger Sports.

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