Argentina and the Elephant in the room

October 6, 2017

  As Argentina keeps struggling to score in the qualifiers, last night was the best showcase as to why Argentina are having issues:  The obsession with optimizing Messi and not the others.     Last night vs Peru, Argentina failed to score, with a few chances wasted.  Messi was dispossessed a staggering 14 times.  Him losing possession has become a regular occurrence, and it is making his defenders/fans blame it…


Ballon d’Or Winner: the Reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo was better than Leo Messi last season

December 12, 2016

1. Performing when his team needed it most: Messi’s stats were slightly better last season, but his goals have been proven to be less crucial for his teams compared to Ronaldo’s. As soon as Benitez got sacked and Zidane came in as the new manager, Ronaldo became the instant saviour again for Real Madrid.   Key Performances: Champions League Last 16 vs Roma-Whoever watched the two legs, witnessed that there…


The Clasico. Refs play a part; Ramos breaks opposition hearts, again

December 3, 2016

Let’s get right into it; just about the biggest sporting event on planet earth, the first Clasico of the season between Barcelona and Real Madrid has just ended today with a 1-1 tie.  We had Luis Suarez scoring an early second half header off of a set piece for Barca, and Sergio Ramos being the clutch man he is, scoring a header as well in the 90th minute to tie…


Goodbye Stevie G, the most complete midfielder of our generation

November 25, 2016

  Steven Gerrard has just retired, and if you never hated Liverpool, this should be a gloomy day for you.  They don’t really make’em like Stevie G anymore.  He had everything you could ever ask out of a midfielder, not to mention his loyalty and leadership.  Other names that come to mind are Iniesta, Xavi, and Paul Scholes to name a few, but it is very difficult to find another…


REPORT: MSN of Barcelona recently found in Atletico Madrid’s pocket

April 14, 2016

We all got a scare tonight when reports came out that our favourite magician Messi disappeared.  Lucky for football fans, we found him in the same spot that Neymar and Suarez were stuck in, Atletico Madrid’s pocket.  Diego Simeone orchestrated the kidnapping and let them go free right after the final whistle so thank you Diego for having a heart after all. What another night in the Champions League.  With…


Ronaldo’s critics, more like crickets now

April 13, 2016

Ronaldo came out to set the record straight, as well as set more records.  As the footballing universe knows, Madrid had their backs up against the wall against Wolfsburg after losing 2-0 in the first leg.  Cristiano made it his duty to put on his superman cape in the second leg last night and save Madrid from an embarrassing exit from the Champions League in the quarter-finals.  Not one, not…


Calma, Calma, Ronaldo is here…again

April 4, 2016

  Let’s tell the full story here.   In front of 95,000 booing fans, this is the man people love to hate. He is the one who has outperformed Messi in his own stadium on numerous occasions, and he just did it again, yet they still say he doesn’t come close.  It’s time he gets his dues.  On April 2nd, 2016 in the Madrid vs Barca Clasico, Cristiano further proved…